Hydro Marine Hydration Essence 30ml

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Hydrates deep into skin cells featuring plankton ingredients consist of ATP cell energizer

Hydro Marine Hydration Essence (30ml)


This lightweight and refreshing essence penetrates deep into skin cell to hydrate and plumps skin, restore skin's silky texture and prevent congested pores in order to strengthen skin's youth staying power by energizing ATP in our skin cell.


Active Ingredient:

Daucus Carota Sativa Extract 
-Activate Collagen Rebuilt



- Hyration through deep penetration into skin cells.
- Plump-up cell elastine
- Promotes moistures & elasticity



After toner application, apply Hydro Marine Hydration Essence on day if (oily skin) and day & night (normal/combination skin) on face and neck. Followed by moisturizer.


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