C-Renewal Radiance Concentrate 30ml

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Inhibit melanin production to LIGHTEN PIGMENTATION

C-Renewal Radiance Concentrate (30ml)


Get your skin back to its naturally luminous state with a luxurious, perfecting essence to INHIBIT DARK SPOTS and LIGHTEN PIGMENTATION while boosting skin hydration resulting in skin resilience increased.


Active Ingredients:

Mannitol, Arginine, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11 
- Youthful Regeneration Stimulated, Skin Resilience Increased



- Fight against dark spot
- Enhance skin suppleness
- Increased Skin Resilience
- Regain Pearl-Smooth Effect
- Promote Skin Glows



Apply C Renewal Radiance Concentrate after C Renewal Radiance Essence. Apply evenly on face and gently massage till fully absorbed. Followed by existing Celmonze Essence or Serum.

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