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Pick your skin problem solution @ RM526 only!

RM526 Merdeka Promo


Big Pores VS Blackheads, which is your worst enemy? No worries, we have both solutions to this! 

In Conjunction of our Merdeka, we will be having a special treat for both problems! 

Pick your skin problem solution @ RM526 only! 

⚫Blackhead Treats⚫
1x Medify Renewal Concentrate 
1x Medify Rejuvenate Concentrate 
1x box Hydro Ampoule 


⚪Large Pores⚪
1x Medify Pore-Refine Concentrate 
1x Medify Renewal Concentrate 
1x Box Hydro Ampoule 

Both promo are entitled to PWP of our Medify Treatment @ RM338 only! (Purchase at preferred outlet)
Best combo for Pores and Blackhead solutions! Get it now and save up to 28% !!

RM526 Free From Blackhead (RM734)

- Medify Renewal Concentrate 10ml (NP: RM198)
Medify Rejuvenate Concentrate 30ml (NP: RM328)
- Hydro Ampoule 2ml x 5 (NP: RM208)


RM526 Super Clear & Tighter Pores (RM704)

- Medify Pore-Refine Concentrate 30ml (NP: RM298)
Medify Renewal Concentrate 10ml (NP: RM198)
- Hydro Ampoule 2ml x 5 (NP: RM208)

PWP @ RM338
Medify Treatment (Purchase at preferred outlet)



Medify Renewal Concentrate 
- Melt blackheads
- Refine skin texture
- Exfoliate outer layer of built-up dead cell
Medify Rejuvenate Concentrate

- Rejuvenate skin by repairing skin tissue
- Reduce itching and inflammation
- Boost skin hydration
- Enhance skin smoothness, suppleness

Medify Pore-Refine Concentrate
- Soften & Dissolve Blackheads / Whiteheads / Oily milia seeds
- Achieve ultra-refined pores

- Tighten pores
- Repair tissue

Hydro Ampoule
- Its water-binding ability boost skin hydration to enhance skin suppleness & reduce fine lines.
- Prevent moisture loss & improve skin’s NMF to counteract dryness.
- Effective moisturizing & hydrating effect.
- Retain moistures that give a velvety feel to the skin.

Medify Treatment
- Protect skin from free radicals & damage
- Restore skin's natural balance
- Reduce skin sensitivity


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