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Option: Hydro / Effi-Tea Ampoule

RM388 Appelution Buy 1 Free 1 Promo (N/P: RM596)


Appelution stem cell complex works like a FLASH in age-defying and anti-wrinkling for the face with Stem Cell ingredients. Stabilizing with whole apple stem cell activations on skin
Now with Buy 1 @ RM388 FREE 1 box Ampoule of your choice!

Hydro Concerntrate Ampoule 5x2ml (N/P: RM208)
Effi-Tea Concerntrate Ampoule 5x2ml (N/P: RM208)


Appelution Stem Cell Complex 30ml

- Promote cell regeneration
- Refines Pore Size 
- Promote wound healing
- Prevents the signs of aging skin
- Improves skin smoothness

Hydro Ampoule (5x2ml)

- Its water-binding ability boost skin hydration to enhance skin suppleness & reduce fine lines.
- Prevent moisture loss & improve skin’s NMF to counteract dryness.
- Effective moisturizing & hydrating effect.
- Retain moistures that give a velvety feel to the skin.

Suitable for: All Skin Type (Except Hyper Sensitive Skin)

Effi Tea Ampoule (5x2ml)

- Boosts skin immune system to achieve translucent radiance skin
- Maintains its moisture balance
- Provides protection against free radical invasion to increase skin smoothness and clarity

Suitable for: Dull / Sensitive / Dry / Irritated & Premature Aging Skin Type


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