Celwhite Whitening



Celwhite Whitening Serum (20ml)

Slow down and reduce production of melanin pigmentation responsible for dark spots on skin. Propels vital renewal process, soothe, illuminate and protect skin.


Active Ingredient:
Niacinamide (Advance Illuminating Compound) 
-Inhibits Melanosome Transfer 

Celwhite Whitening Concentrate (20ml)

Lightens sunspots, freckles and age spots. Rebalances and brightens up dull, uneven skin tone. 


Active Ingredient:
Thermus Thermophyius Ferment (TTF) 
-Fights-Off Anti Aging Effect & Aging Signs 

Celwhite Whitening Cream (30ml)

High performance lightening and moisturising cream that helps to renew skin, refine pores, restore healthy and glowing complexion.


Active Ingredient:
Vitis Vinifera (Grapes) Seed Extract 
-Promote Active Circulation

Ideal For:

Dull, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven skin tone & Acne Scar