Phytolife Essential Concentrate (2.5ml)

Invigorate skin cells with this extravagantly rich ‘vege-juice’ for skin. With its astringent effect, feel a new sensation taking over—cool, calm & clear. See skin pores refined and redness diminishing naturally. 


Active Ingredient:
-Instant Warming Sensation: Improved Circulation Restored

Phytolife Micro Emulsion Complex (2.5ml)

An extremely rich multivitamin formulation that penetrates quickly to nourish skin and boost-up immunity with vital antioxidants. It soothes & calms away inflammations by keeping skin cool & hydrated—all day long. 


Active Ingredient:
Zea May(Corn) Germ Oil
-Skin's water loss reduced

Phytolife HQ + Hyaluronic Concentrate (2.5ml)

Overtime, we begin to lose vital moisture needed to maintain smooth, firm and silky skin. Instantly, PhytoLife HQ+ Hyaluronic Concentrate restores & refills every inch of skin with intense hydration! 


Active Ingredient:
Methylpropanediol (Organic Glycol)
-Smooth Hydration Replenished 

Ideal For:

Dry, Aging, Pre mature & Dehydrated