Rosee Elixir Facial


Using Rose Essential Oil  which is harvested before sunrise and processed through high technology distillation to ensure all nutrients and fragrance is locked at its purest state to give you instant and lasting glow.  

Best for dull and sensitive skin. Comes with main benefits as below: 

Soothing oil to REDUCE REDNESS & restore comfort to archive calm skin. Comes with divine aroma for mind relaxation.

Awaken skin cell to eliminate DULLNESS giving you an envious DEWY GLOW through therapeutic face massage.

Age Defying
Youth beyond age with Rose Damascena Oil & Rosehip Oil: Rich with Vitamin E and minerals to boost synthesis of collagen & elastin which significantly REDUCE FINE LINES and reveal FIRMER SKIN.



Brighten Up Dull Skin


Aging Signs Reversed


Reduce Skin Sensitivity


Suitable for Dull & Sensitive skin