Pink is the New Bold - Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016

Date: 17 Jan 2017 - 17 Jan 2017

Pink is the New Bold a charity campaign launched in 2016 by Celmonze The Signature in collaboration with MAKNA to educate and provide support for breast cancer patients, survivors and family. The main message of this campaign is to create an awareness for women to start breast self-examinations. It is also designed to enable easy access to information not only on breast cancer but also cancer in general. 

As a gesture of support, Celmonze The Signature has raised funds by donating a percentage of sales to ease the burden of victims and create awareness by distributing flyers and giving free breast examination to educate public on the importance of self-breast check up and the seriousness of breast cancer. On 10 January 2017, Celmonze The Signature organised a cancer awareness talk led by Habiba Abd Rahman (MAKNA's Outreach Programme Facilitator) which highlighted to participants the importance of understanding the disease. Celmonze The Signature has successfully raised RM5,985 in collections and presented the cheque to MAKNA.

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