Matrix-Cell Face



Matrix-Cell Firming Serum 

An intensive collagen booster effect for younger,stronger,smoother skin. Diminish appearances of lines and wrinkles with an intensive collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid regeneration 


Active Ingredient:
Hydrolyzed Corn Protein-Elastine-Glycosaminoglycans (Amino Acids,Peptides and Proteins) 
-Powerful Anti-Wrinkles effect, Fine lines Eraser 

Matrix-Cell Firming Cream 

An infusion cream with its active high-tech peptides ingredients for firmer, calmer, healthier skin. It can diminish signs of stress, over sensitivity and puffiness. Restore collagen and elasticity to skin. 


Active Ingredient:
Ascophyllum Extract 
-Soothing, Anti-inflammatory Effect 

Ideal For:

Premature aging