Hydro Marine



Hydro Marine Hydration Gel 

This blue cooling gel moisturizer that have portulaca oleracea extract and aloe vera extract that can intutively recharged cells, incredibly rehydrated skin- day and night, face and neck, enveloped in a pool of non-stop marine hydration power.


Active Ingredient:
Portulaca Oleracea Extract 
-Intensely Moisturizing Agent 

Hydro Marine Hydration Complex

With this powerful skin moisturizer, your skin is enriched with ATP energy complex and immersed in lasting H2O hydration that can extend to provide continuous hydration released, luminous rejuvenation increased. 


Active Ingredient:
Plankton Extract 
-Natural Cellular Energizer 

Hydro Marine Hyaluronic Concentrate

The perfect skin booster can help to maintain skin's inner glow and instantly minimize fine lines. Smooth on this concentrated deep-hydration booster, your skin remains hydrated with its star ingredient.


Active Ingredient:
Jojoba Seed Oil 
-Propel Cell Regeneration 

Hydro Marine Hydration Essence  

This lightweight and refreshing essence gently hydrates and plumps skin, restore skin's silky texture and prevent congested pores in order to strengthen skin's youth staying power.


Active Ingredient:
Daucus Carota Sativa Extract 
-Activate Collagen Rebuilt 

Ideal For:

Mature Dry Skin, Dehydrated, Weaken skin, Cells damaged skin, Pre-Mature aging Skin