Celwhite Whitening



Celwhite Whitening Serum 

Slow down and reduce production of melanin pigmentation responsible for dark spots on skin. Propels vital renewal process, soothe, illuminate and protect skin 


Active Ingredient:
Niacinamide (Advance Illuminating Compound) 
-Inhibits Melanosome Transfer 

Celwhite Whitening Concentrate 

Lightens sunspots, freckles and age spots. Rebalances and brightens up dull, uneven skin tone. 


Active Ingredient:
Thermus Thermophyius Ferment (TTF) 
-Fights-Off Anti Aging Effect & Aging Signs 

Celwhite Whitening Cream 

High performance lightening and moisturising cream that helps to renew skin, refine pores, restore healthy and glowing complexion 


Active Ingredient:
Vitis Vinifera (Grapes) Seed Extract 
-Promote Active Circulation

Ideal For:

Dull, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven skin tone, Acne Scar