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CTS concept

One-stop beauty heaven

Celmonze The Signature is your one-stop beauty heaven that completely transforms and rejuvenates you, right down to the cellular levels, with our effective beauty solutions for face and body.


Our skin care consultants & beauty therapists

Our skin care consultants and beauty therapists are highly qualified with years of experience in their fields of expertise. They are well-trained in providing excellent customer service, with full knowledge of our skin care product ranges. You can rest assure that you are in good hands, and you can look forward expectantly to see visible results, without injections or any harmful procedures.



Formulating Beauty Is Big Business

Celmonze The Signature is a fresh new concept in Malaysia’s skincare and beauty industry, where a thriving a business means having a trustworthy skincare and professional beauty salon.

Provide A One - Stop Haven

Celmonze The Signature is and will continue to be a one-stop beauty haven with advance solutions for the most diverse skincare and beauty needs.

Skin Solution Specialist

We solves all types of skin problem and deliver guaranteed results.

Customer Satisfaction Always

We seek to strengthen and maintain a long-term relationship with our valued customers by ensuring customer satisfaction, always.


Skin Solution Specialist

As a result-oriented skin solution specialist, we provide fast and effective solutions to all types of skin problems. With our high quality services, products and technology, results are instantly visible after each treatments. You will have a glowing appearance and blissful experience after a complete relaxation in our beauty centre.

Experiences & Feelings

Let us pamper you with soothing massages to soothe those aches and worries away, world class technology equipment and professional facial treatments to smooth out those wrinkles and firm up sagging skin, and effective slimming sessions to sculpt your body into your desired perfect shape, so that you feel refreshed and reborn, and looking radiantly beautiful.


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